Energy Efficient design services

Optien have experience in the performance of EED reviews on projects across a wide range of sectors such as Food & Drink, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices, Chemical Manufacture & Public Sector Buildings. Optien's EED process is largely aligned with the Energy Efficient Design Standard IS399 and the SEAI's EXEED scheme through which grant assistance can be obtained. The integration of EED principles can not only reduce the overall operational cost of your project, but has been seen in many cases to reduce the overall capital expenditure also. This is achieved through the structured review of any design from the end use requirement, right back to how the energy is managed in operation as illustrated in the Energy Venn Diagram below.

The EED process follows the design from concept to commissioning, ensuring the effective implementation of energy performance opportunities. We can support you through the EED process for your individual projects, or can further enhance your design processes through the  integration of energy efficient design principles into your design procedures.