Process & Energy Kaizen Training

Optien are leaders in the delivery of energy management system training in Ireland and Internationally. We provide a wide range of training courses on Energy Management, Energy Efficient Design, Auditing and Continuous Improvement. All courses are available in house or external and can be tailored to the specific needs of your organisation. 

Process & Energy Kaizen Training

Duration - 3 Days over 3 Weeks

Learning Outcomes 

This course teaches attendees on how to develop and carry out a continuous improvment project within their business. Be it through the optimisation of energy consuming utilities or production processes, this easy to follow methodology will assist members of an organsiation to quickly deliver on their goals. As part of this course a short improvement project will be carreid out in house by the team. The format of this course is as follows:

Day 1: 

Outlining the Kaizen process and how it is applied as a problem solving technique. How to utilise current data sets for the identification of an opportunity and communication of that opportunity at all levels of the organisation in order to get stakeholder buy in. Outlining the Problem & Goal Statement for your short Kaizen project and development of the Kaizen Team.

Day 2:

  • Process Mapping and the development of Current, Ideal and Future State process maps.
  • Problem solving techniques such as Cause & Effect, 5 Why's, Spaghetti Diagrams & FMEA
  • Determination of the tools and techniques which best suit your Kaizen project.

Day 3:

The final day focuses on the implementation and control of improvements which have been determines as part of the process. This includes the development of Standard Practices, Statistical Process Control, Setting of Targets & Boundaries, Implementation of 5S and so on. 


All persons who are interested in the contuous improvement of their organisation.



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