Monitoring, Metrics & Analysis

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Monitoring, Metrics & Analysis

Duration - 1 Day    

Learning Outcomes 

This course outlines the basic principle of using data available in an organisation, to develop useful KPI’s to manage energy in line with the requirements of ISO50001. The course covers the requirements of monitoring and measurement of an organisations energy performance as required by ISO50001 and the analysis techniques that can be utilised to develop simple KPI’s. Attendees will gain an appreciation of how to develop performance indicators and how to communicate these performance indicators effectively throughout the organisation. Topics Include:
  • ISO50001 requirements for monitoring and measurement

  • Excel functions for ease of data analysis

  • Bar chart, run chart and pie chart construction from updatable tables

  • Import of data from energy monitoring systems


This introductory course is aimed at anyone in an organisation who is tasked with the development of performance indicator, or those receiving energy performance reports.


There are no prerequisites for this course however some knowledge of Excel is desirable

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